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H2 inhibition of lung cancer through the influence of SMC3

  • Time:2018年
  • Journal:Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
  • Disease Model:Lung cancer cell line
  • Corresponding Author:Dongchang Wang, Lifei Wang, Gang Chen, et al.
  • Corresponding Unit:No
  • Experimental Subject:mice
  • Way of Hydrogen Administration:67% H2 / 33% O2 Mixture
  • Dosage:67% H2 / 33% O2 Mixture
  • Duration:2h/d for 1 month
Main Result

H2 can inhibit the growth, migration and invasion of cancer cells, and catalyze the apoptosis of cells. H2 induced A549 and H1975 remain in the g2/m phase of the cell cycle; In addition, H2 lowered NIBPL, SMC3, SMC5 and SMC6 expression ... All data showed that H2 can inhibit the progression of lung cancer and regulate SMC3, which provides a new method for the treatment of lung cancer.

Classification of Disease:Tumor
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