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Inhalation of Hydrogen of Different Concentrations Ameliorates Spinal Cord Injury in Mice by Protecting Spinal Cord Neurons from Apoptosis, Oxidative Injury and Mitochondrial Structure Damages

  • Time:2018年
  • Journal:cell physiology and biochemistry
  • Disease Model:Spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Corresponding Author:Xiao Chen, Jin Cui Xiao Zhai, Jun Zhang, Zhengrong Gu, Xin Zhi, Weizong Weng, Panpan Pan, Liehu Cao, Fang Ji, Zhiwei Wang, Jiacan Su
  • Corresponding Unit:未录
  • Experimental Subject:Mice
  • Way of Hydrogen Administration:Inhalation of Hydrogen
  • Dosage:hydrogen gas concentration (50%, 65%, 75%, (vol/vol))(in );67% H2- 33%O2 (In vivo)
  • Duration:1h per day.7 days after injury
Main Result

Inhalation of different concentrations of hydrogen ameliorated neuron mechanical injuries in vitro and protected against SCI in vivo. Additionally, we identified Cox8b, Cox6a2, Cox7a1, Hspb7, and Atp2a1 as potential target genes of hydrogen. Further research is needed to investigate the mechanism by which high-concentration hydrogen exerts protective effects on SCI in vivo. High-concentration hyd