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Effect of hydrogen-rich water on acute peritonitis of rat models

  • Time:2014年
  • Journal:International Immunopharmacology
  • Disease Model:Acute peritonitis
  • Corresponding Author:Chang Liu
  • Corresponding Unit:The Xi'an Jiao Tong University Health Science Center
  • Experimental Subject:Rats
  • Way of Hydrogen Administration:Hydrogen rich water, gastric lavage
  • Dosage:3 days of ml/
  • Duration:The 10 day
Main Result

Hydrogen water has protective effect on all the three peritonitis models. Hydrogen water can lower level of white blood cell, plasma endotoxin and cell factors, increase glutathione activity and decrease peritoneal tissue MPO and MDA activity. Hydrogen water can also lower the expression of NF-КB Of peritoneal tissue.